Business Term Loans

Training Overview

1. What is a term loan and how does it work?

2. Who qualifies for a term loan?

3. What documents are needed.

4. What are the rate and terms?

5. How do I submit for a decision?

Net Income Requirements

2012 Business Tax
2013 Business Tax
2014 Prepared
Pre-screen Decision
Loss (-) Profit (+) Loss (-) Pass
Loss (-) Profit (+) Profit (+) Pass
Profit (+) Loss (-) Profit (+) Pass
Profit (+) Loss (-) Loss (-) Decline
Loss (-) Loss (-) Profit (+) Decline

Restricted Vs. Approved Industries And Use Of Funds

Restricted Industries

X Lenders

X Insurers

X Pawnbrokers

X Pornography or adult entertainment

X Firearms dealers

X Marijuana related businesses

X Property development

X Speculative business (real estate, commodities trading, etc)

Approved Industries

> Business services

> Restaurants

> Medical practices

> Franchises

> Car dealerships w/ financing arms <20% of revenue

> Gas stations

> Builders and contractor

Restricted Use Of Funds

X Refinance of personal debt that doesn’t appear on the business’ balance sheet

X Lending to others

X Speculative ventures

X Paying tax liens and dividends

Approved Use Of Funds

> Management buy-out*

> Business acquisition

> Opening a second business location*

> Equipment purchase

> Inventory purchase / working capital

> Leasehold improvements

> Refinance of business debt

> Product / service expansion

General Borrower Requirements

Indicative Credit Criteria & Required Documentation

Indicative Credit Criteria*

Indicative Credit Criteria & Required Documentation

≥ 620

Business Revenue
(most recent year)

≥ $500,000

Business Net Income
(most recent year)

> $0

Years in Business
(excluding Franchise Businesses)

≥ 2 years

Bankruptcies (Current Tax Liens,Judgements,
Criminal Activity

No prior history

Required Documentation
(for all applications)**

* 3 Years Business Tax Returns

* 1 Year Personal Tax Returns

* 6 Months Business Bank Statements

* P&L and Balance Sheet can be
substituted for 1 yr of missing tax returns.

* Business Debt Worksheet

** Fillable worksheet available upon request.

Verification Documentation
(as necessary)***

* Personal Bank Statement(most recent)

* Copy of Driver’s License

* Completed Wire Information

***The listed verification documentation that may be required is solely included for guidance in understanding what your clients may be expected to provide.

Ventury Business Debt Worksheet

Ventury Term Loan Application

Ventury Term Loan Calculator

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